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On the right, there is another box with a subheading, “RIPS”, and a diagram. Again, you might find something like that in an article. Like the call-out box, it’s another thing specifically mentioned by AQA as a feature of leaflets that you want to use. Colons can be used to introduce a bullet point list, as you can see here. One of the things they do is look at idiosyncratic or personal styles of punctuation, idea-organisation, spelling and writing to find the ‘fingerprints’ in our writing.

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Simple, clear vocabulary and simple, clear sentences.

There are few contractions, no in the third paragraph, are slightly less formal and a little more chatty.

They have some features of articles, and their content is largely based on what the purpose is, but most students get a bit stuck when they get to leaflets.

Once again, they fall into the trap of , and that means most students fall a bit short of the mark when it comes to whether or not you can create an authentic, realistic piece of writing.

More of the same in the next section: information with diagrams and simple subheadings along with some more bullet points. If you’re a regular reader of these articles, you know I have my own ‘turn of phrase’, which, whilst not exactly unique, helps create my own fingerprint.

Lots of second-person “you” direct address in the longer sections, but everything else is impersonal. and there is precisely one page listed on Google: mine.

It should sound unemotional, unbiased and authoritative .

Nobody should be able to see YOU behind the curtains in the execution of a leaflet.

Couple that with my preferences for semi-colons, hyphens and dashes and if I wrote a ransom or kidnap letter, you’d be pretty likely to be able to work out that I was behind it.

As a further aside that is probably only interesting to me, this is how they work out if Shakespeare is really the author of his plays and how they’d work out if a play turned up that someone thought was really a lost work of Shakespeare. Leaflets should not have any of these unique peculiarities, any of these personal peccadillos.


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