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Ask the source if you can call or visit her again for follow-up questions.

You also may want to repeat what your source tells you to ensure that you have your facts written down correctly.

Before you finish the interview, have your notes or recording in order.

It is important to stay focused and alert so you understand everything your subject communicates.

Once the interview is complete, writing the paper will be easier if you paid full attention and took detailed notes.

Phone Interviews: Phone interviews can be used when you need to interview someone who is geographically far away, who is too busy to meet with you to talk, or who does not want to use video or internet-based technology.

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Email Interviews: Email interviews are less personal than face-to-face or phone interviews, but highly convenient for most individuals.You may not get as much information from someone in an email interview because you are not able to ask follow-up questions in the moment or play off the interviewee’s responses.However, email interviews are useful because they are already in a digital format.Don't worry about writing the story or essay at this point -- essay editing comes later in the process. Make a quick outline or list that includes the points you want to add to your essay.Then, revise to include this additional information. Now is when you make your interview essay "pretty." Read what you've written so far and begin to polish the story.Ragusa has written for Consumer Lending News, Deposit and Loan Growth Strategies and Community Bank President.She earned her Bachelor of Arts from Michigan State University.If you've never written an interview essay, ask the reviewer to consider the format and style, too.Keep the source on track during your talk, but don't worry if one question leads to another and you divert from your list.If interesting or controversial, this can provide a hook you can use at the opening of your essay. Be friendly and inviting to help your source feel comfortable talking to you and make sure he knows that you are interested in what he has to say.If you begin to go in a direction that you feel will not be helpful to your story, gently guide the source back on track.


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