Wine Store Business Plan

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Sure, I wish the store was a huge cash cow; you know, pay myself a nice salary every month and do whatever I want all day. And, it’s nice that the liquor store provides a comfortable income.

Sounds great in theory but as a member of the community I’m glad it’s not so easy because big corporate greed would quickly follow. That way the owner is highly unlikely to sell booze to minors – there’s too much at stake to break the law for a few extra bucks.

The wine, liquor and beer industry is a very large and well thriving industry in every parts of the world.

It is a profitable industry that is always opened for aspiring entrepreneurs to establish his/her business.

Mostly, it’s nice that a big company can’t swoop in and take over every liquor store in sight.

In the name of low prices, they’d shut most or all of the small stores down and open newly constructed mega-locations on the outskirts of town where land is cheap and profit maximized, laying to waste neighborhood small markets within walking distance…of like what’s happened with the grocery industry.As a result, the distributors pass along more favorable prices to the mega-stores who can afford to purchase 100 case deals; if you’re a small liquor store you just have to bend over and take whatever price is offered. As an owner-operator of a liquor store you have roughly the same job security as a tenured college professor.When I learned this was the way the system worked I was stunned. [You mean to tell me that we aren’t allowed to shop around for a supplier who might provide better service, better prices or both? The Budweiser distributor welcomed us to the industry by requiring cash upon delivery for the first 90 days. The store could go under if you fail to compete effectively or if the market for liquor dries up somehow (just like a school could close or an academic department could be eliminated). In this post, I will give a wine shop business plan sample that can be used as a guide in writing your business plan. Then having a business plan for the wine store is paramount.I bought a liquor store last year…was sort of an accident. As I walked around with the owner, it became clear that the liquor business was being sold with the building. I remember thinking, before I ever contemplated the notion of liquor store ownership, retail liquor stores enjoy a tidy little monopoly. Seems reasonable to keep tabs on who’s moving liquor around the state. Every licensed distributor has a complete monopoly on every product they sell. If you read my About page you’ll see that I have a day job in a completely separate industry. I hired a manager to run the operation and she supervises a handful of employees who staff the store when she can’t be there. I liked the building, especially the location in the heart of Pueblo’s Mesa Junction neighborhood. With the building under contract I began due diligence. If you were thinking that a liquor store is like an advanced lemonade stand you’re completely underestimating the task. Communities need opportunities for individuals to learn how to run a complex business with full P&L responsibility. As a retail liquor store owner I am only allowed to purchase inventory from a licensed distributor. Owning and operating a small liquor store can provide a comfortable income and job security but it’s no cash cow.This dispersed single-unit ownership system is better for the community because it provides economic activity in a variety of locations along with solid living wage jobs that can’t be readily outsourced or automated.More people have skin in the game and a strong incentive to take care of their stretch of sidewalk in the community.The business can either be started on a small scale or be launched as a standard wine store with outlets in different good locations.A wine store business is not the type of business that requires its owner to struggle to grow the business once the important and necessary steps are taken before the business is started.


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