Why I Want To Be An Army Officer Essay

In career, there are paths a person might choose to pursue depending on their passion and career objective.

Some have chosen to be lawyers, doctors, and some choose to be a farmer.

During these ten years I have became very proficient at my MOS, which is a 12N and I have been deployed to Iraq in 2003. Over the years, I have also had a chance to see and experience training and missions as an enlisted soldier.

I remember all of the soldier complaints and mission complications.

My father served in the Army most of my life and he is still active in his service.

Why I Want To Be An Army Officer Essay Una Usa Essay

Being a family member of a soldier has also given me valuable experience that will benefit me as a leader.Becoming a Commissioned Officer would allow me to apply my knowledge and experience to the operations side of the Army.The Army will extremely benefit from my ambition and determination.There are two main reasons why I want to become an Officer.First of all, I want to make a difference in the training of Reserve Soldiers.With my teaching background, my experience as an enlisted soldier, as a Noncommissioned Officer, and my experience with soldiers, I can make battle assemblies more worthwhile and meaningful to all soldiers alike.I first handedly know what soldiers enjoy and I do have many great ideas that will without a doubt ensure high moral with in any unit I am assigned to.I know what it means for soldiers to be away from their relatives and friends and how the family members feel, as well.Soldiers not only need guidance, but also need true leaders who are able to offer them support so that they will be successful both at workplace and in the home.I have learnt that commissioned officers are not just people who are in charge, but they are in charge because they have responsibility as commanding officers as well as mentoring junior soldiers.One of the greatest difficulties an officer will face is earning the respect of his subordinates.


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