What To Write In A Essay

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Once you know the question asked you can be able to identify the type of essay.

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They sometimes claim that writing is boring and they don’t even know where to begin.

With this simple tips and tricks, you can successfully and confidently write your essay. Here are the tips: This is the most crucial stage in essay writing.

Supporting ideas follow suit in sentence format backed with relevant information and examples.

Don’t forget to cite every reference materials used.

Before you begin your writing, create your essay outline.

Jot your topic in the middle of your page, draw lines branching from the topic and write main ideas at the end of each line.

Leave spaces under each idea to enable you to list smaller ideas supporting the main idea.

The ‘skeleton’ will enable you to write a more organized essay.

From the main ideas at the end of the lines draw more lines and include your thoughts. Write your topic at the top of your page, separate your essay into introduction, body, and conclusion.

For a five paragraph essay, have an introduction, at least three main ideas, and a conclusion.


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