What Is Systematic Problem Solving

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Even managing problem solving better results in much more consistent improvement and less backsliding.

Of course my personal experience is only anecdotal.

Does this mean you should go out and implement morning market’s everywhere? That doesn’t work any more than attaching kanban cards to all of your parts and calling it a pull system.

It is not about the white boards, it is not even about reviewing the problems every day. In in the Big Company that implemented morning markets everywhere, that is what happened – they morphed into another format for the Same Old Stuff.

It is discomfort for most people, a desire to get away from the problem, it is pain, and it distances you from what you think is the ideal situation that you want.

The problem with Problem Solving is exactly that, the statement of problem solving.

It creates an instant desire to make it go away, this in turn drives solution thoughts and ideas, without constructive analysis or investigation and even those who have learned how to solve problems in a methodical way still try and fit the analysis around the solutions they have already had.

We were trained at Toyota to approach every problem with an open mind, with no preconceived ideas of a solution, but this is very hard for humans to do.

The left side of the brain is logical, analytical, but also much slower in its thinking speed, it makes connections and relationships with data, but this takes time. We don’t want to be slowed down by logical left brain thinking that takes time to analyse and investigate the unknown variables around the phenomena of the “problem” or situation.

Because of our fast thinking right brain, creating pictures and images of the solution, there is an instinctive drive to find a solution quickly (this also leads to us thinking we are experts because we can find solutions quickly….. This slowing down of thinking and analysis takes practice and repeated coaching / mentoring that does not accept a next step or progressing towards a potential solution, without someone fully comprehending the previous learning step of how the system is working.


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