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Permanent markers are not only smudge-proof but also water-resistant, making them suitable for outdoor uses as well.You can use their high-quality permanent ink on nearly any surface.Since they have an extra-soft tip, they can be used to label the sensitive surfaces of storage media without any risk of damage.

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To prevent the possibility of mixing up jackets and shoes in kindergartens, schools and workplaces, it can be advisable to write on clothes tags.

Permanent universal pens can also be used as fabric pens thanks to their waterproof ink. Universal pens are also an optimal choice for writing on X-ray images.

In the following, we would like to describe the various uses of universal pens in more detail.

Permanent markers are suitable for nearly all applications where there is a risk that the ink will smudge on a smooth background or could come into contact with moisture.

However, non-permanent markers use water-soluble ink. This makes these universal pens particularly excellent for all uses where the ink on a surface needs to be smudge-proof but shouldn’t be permanent, for instance overhead markers for overhead projector transparencies.

These correctable pens can be removed from smooth surfaces at any time without leaving any residue.

If you use universal pens, whatever you write will be permanently smudge-proof and waterproof on almost all surfaces.

These versatile writing implements open up a whole array of new possibilities.

Since these markers don’t fade or smudge on special film, X-ray images can be organised easily at any time.

For model-making, these special markers are also indispensable for marking metals, plastics or silicon.


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