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Children too should be encouraged to walk to school.Once they get used to this habit, they are more likely to stick to it in the future too.The government and health workers need to create awareness among the general public about the benefits of walking.

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It helps us in keeping physically fit and mentally alert and suitable for all kinds of people. Young men, women, old people, and children, all can enjoy a morning walk. In the morning the air is fresh, the atmosphere quiet and calm. A morning walk refreshes the body and mind as nothing else can do.

In the morning, a brisk walk enables us to breathe in a lot of oxygen.

You’ll need 2.5 hours of this level every week, so many experts recommend 30 minutes a day, five days a week.

You can use our handy exercise log sheet to track your time over a week.

It keeps us energetic, active and alert for the whole day.

The doctors often advise their patients to have a morning walk.

If you have flat feet, high arches, or other needs, shop at a store shop with knowledgeable staff. A wearable tracker like a Fitbit or Jawbone will log every step you take and can keep you motivated (and you can connect them to your missions on Rally).

If you carry your smartphone everywhere, you can try an app like Map My Walk, Pedometer , or any of hundreds of others.

To conclude, lack of time and the need for comfort are the reasons that prevent people from walking.

However, most of us will start walking again if we are aware of its health benefits. The government and the media can play an important role in this.


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