Wake County Schools Assignment

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They are using another family member's address to keep their kid in the school that they are currently attending.

The kid physically lives in the new town, the parents pick him up every day (so it's not like he's physically living with the relatives).

The tracks overlap schedules so one of the four tracks is always on break.

Wake County assigns students to their "base school" based on their home address.

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I tend to mind my own business and really couldn't care less about things like this, except that the kid is a trouble maker and I'm sick of seeing him loitering around our (Ho A) park and common area.

Just figured I'd ask if there is anything against this and if so who do I call to get it rectified. There is no law but there is a policy that says you must attend the school that your address is assigned to, although there are official ways to get around it (like a transfer).

Enhances school choice opportunities through innovative programs and magnet school options.

Works closely with the Chief of Schools and other members of the leadership staff on policy development, strategic planning, and budgeting in support of the school system’s mission to provide outstanding opportunities for academic achievement for all students.


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