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After many sightings and reports of how people all over the world go through the process of killing these animals with their cruel and inhumane ways, people have decided in having their stand on the issue by abstaining from the consumption of animals in the hopes of discouraging the killing of animals for food.This act however, will not tackle the issue at all.You don’t see a lion kill more animals than his pack needs for the day and then throwing away tons of leftovers.

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The first meat-eaters depended on meat The question if humans should eat meat from animals has been argued over many years.

The first meat-eaters depended on meat to survive (Langley 31).

Lastly, an animal only takes as much as it requires.

You don’t see a lion put cows or other animals in factory farming.

Different religions have different inputs on whether eating meat is good or bad.

Hindus say that all animals have souls and that eating meat makes us more aggressive (Langley 22).

An animal like a lion or a wolf acts purely on instinct.

It doesn’t understand that it is taking a life and even if, in certain situations, instincts take over and it just acts without thinking. Furthermore, certain animals don’t have the ability to consume plants properly. I’d even argue that humans stomachs are better adjusted for consuming vegetables and fruits, which you can easily consume raw, than meat, which almost always needs to be proccessed before it’s consumable.

THe conditions there are usually so harsh that they simply don’t have the luxury to chose what food to eat or even what job to take.

That’s a whole ‘nother issue in and of itself, but lets just say, people in Europe and North America - even most of the pour ones - live in luxury when compared to the rest of the world and anyone who eats meat - lest you have a thyroid condition or severe iron defenciency - does this purely out of preference, not necessity.


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