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Basically, there were a group of teens/young men accused of raping two young women who were Caucasian and possibly also prostitutes. But, because of a broken and unfair system at the time and the color of their skin, they were initially thrown in jail and wrongfully declared guilty, based only on the lying testimony of the two white women who accused them.

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Not only does this book accurately convey the atmosphere of the time and many cultural attributes of the American South at the time, but also shows how important it is that we do not give into the group mind when people are doing things that hurt innocent people.

It teaches us to never judge a book by its cover and to extend compassion and love to our neighbors, maintaining peace and respect in our dealings with all people. Most students, upon learning the historical background of the story, become highly emotional about it, for good reason.

This not only speaks to the brokenness of the court system at the time, but it also speaks to how strong racism was.

As such, it is a reminder to future generations to look at everything from an objective point of view and to remove racism.

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