To Kill A Mockingbird Essay Racial Discrimination

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However, even though it is shadowed by racial and social discrimination, gender discrimination still plays a key part in the novel.Gender discrimination is subtly spread throughout the entire novel, however the one event which concerns it the most is the interaction between Scout and Aunt Alexandra, where Scout refuses to be feminine.Lee uses characterisation in order to rebut the expectations of women, and the characterisation of certain characters shows she is resisting to place conventional stereotypes on women.

In Maycomb, there are very distinguished social classes.

The Finch family is regarded as the highest social class, as they are white and Atticus is a lawyer, while the Ewell? The Radley family however, are not discriminated based on their race, occupation or ethnicity, but rather based on rumours circulating based on the events which take place in the house.

However, the most pivotal moment of foreshadowing is the point where Boo puts a blanket around Scout during the fire, which Scout was disgusted by.

This shows her prejudice towards the Radley family, even though he is doing things out of his kindness, without expecting anything in return.

The foreshadowing helps build the tension rather than making his heroism at the end seem unexpected.

An act of foreshadowing is the presents Boo left in the tree, which show his generosity, playfulness and kindness. s pants after Jem flees from Nathan Radley, which shows his caring attitude.

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, set in the 1930?

s during the depression era aims to challenge the notion of discrimination in general, whether it be based on race, class or gender.

The reader mostly sees this through the character of Tom Robinson, who is wrongly accused on charges of rape and assault.

Through the use of this character, in combination with various literary techniques, Harper Lee holds up a mirror and makes us assess our own beliefs of discrimination and prejudice.


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