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For further information about this method and about the theoretical background of the Vasarhelyi method please read some of the following papers: This two year, part-time taught masters programme is delivered by the UCD School of Medicine, Nelson Street, Dublin 7.It is for professionals who wish to specialise in using images in a psychotherapeutic context to engage the inner world of the child.

Both modules are closely linked with the clinical placement.

At the end of Semester 1 Year 2 students are required to write a Clinical Case Studies essay.

Art psychotherapy is used in the UK in school settings with those with behaviour difficulties.

Child Art Psychotherapy is specifically recommended in the UK for use in those recovering from first episode psychosis and is sometimes used with those recovering from eating disorders.

It is considered a method to access and process trauma and possibly to access the unconscious.

The image is used as a means of communication between the child and therapist, which some children find less stressful than attending verbal therapies.

Some graduates are working in School completion programmes.

This two year, part-time postgraduate course is offered every two years.

Specific training in the visual arts is not a prerequisite.

The course is designed to provide an understanding of the theory and practice of Child Art Psychotherapy. Semester 1 is 15 weeks duration and Semester 2 is of 15 weeks duration with a break for the Easter holidays.


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