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The style you choose should be appropriate for your discipline.Not all of these structures are available in all faculties.

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The thesis by publication model is perceived to have advantages for some students because it minimises the tension between preparing papers for publication and preparing the thesis for examination.

It also has the significant advantage that examiners tend to be impressed by work that has already been peer-reviewed, as previously published papers would have been.

It is important that you discuss the proposed structure of your thesis with your supervisor early in candidature.

If you decide to structure your thesis as a series of publications rather than a more conventional document, there are a number of important considerations.

However, if individual schools or research centres choose to create their own guidelines they may do so, subject to approval by the Thesis Examination Subcommittee.

In any case, the quantity and quality of publications assembled into a doctoral thesis must demonstrate that the contribution made by the student constitutes a substantial original contribution to knowledge, and a masters thesis must demonstrate a substantial piece of research executed with a high level of autonomy.

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