Thesis Statements Supporting Euthanasia

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In researching this paper, I have been unable to find any reference to suicide in the King James Version of the Bible.There is, however, a reference to suicide in the Catholic Bible but it views suicide as an act against the church, not God.According to a new Time/CNN poll 7 out of 10 American's say that they want to die at home; instead three-fourths die in medical institutions" (Cloud 59).

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Most Protestant religions teach that suicide is a mortal sin, it may be a rule of the church but so far as my research shows, it is not a rule of the Bible.

Who has the right to tell one that they can or cannot end their own life?

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He was very careful as to not actually commit the act himself until he was contacted by Thomas Youk, a young with Lou Gheric’s disease; Lou Gheric’s disease is when the muscle stop working and eventually the patient chokes to death.

Thesis Statements Supporting Euthanasia Write A Critical Appreciation Of The Essay Of Studies

Tom’s condition prevented him from actually operating the machines and therefore Dr.

Another argument is that in North America for example, tens of millions of people of people do not have healthcare coverage, and economically cannot afford to buy painkillers, and because many doctors withhold the appropriate amount of painkillers because they are afraid the patients may become addicted to the drugs that argument is made stronger.

In today's times medical funding is restricted and continually being reduced, so if the money being spent on prolonging the life of a terminally ill person against their will would be used for infant care for example, it could save lives and improve the long-ter ...

In fact, there are many lawmakers and lobbyists who strive ardently to keep terminally ill patients alive, against their wishes. Neither does it talk about the right to own a video camera....

here [in this society] everything not expressly denied is assumed to be permitted - not the other way around" (Lessenbery 2).


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