Thesis On Impact Of Leadership On Organizational Performance

Thesis On Impact Of Leadership On Organizational Performance-56
This approach posits that a person is influenced by activating internal motivators.A process-based view of leadership involves the ability to motivate followers to act, recognizing that the ability to successfully influence others is the essence of leadership (Yukl, 1999).Colleges and Universities in the United States are undergoing a time of change.

Transformational leadership involves the ability to inspire and motivate followers.

Research findings support the process-based approach to leadership.

An organization culture has pivotal role in formulating the leadership styles of an organization.

Today, organizations are focusing to cope with various cultural groups.

The organizational culture also plays very important role in developing and shaping the leadership style.

Leaders involve influencing personnel to persuade them achieve the organizational objectives.H2; There is a significant relationship between transactional leadership and organizational performance.H3; There is significant relationship between Laissez fair leadership and organizational performance.Organization develops culture from its leadership and culture has also greatly affected on leadership.The leadership behaviour and competence have consistent relationship with organization effectiveness and performance.Leadership helps in developing the organization’s objectives, values and vision.Leaders which measure up to the standards of cultural elements are able to accomplish organisational effectiveness.The possible results include Both Transactional and Transformational Leadership style will positively correlated with organizational performance while the Laissez Fair will negatively correlated with performance, organizational culture will play moderating role between leadership styles and organizational performance.The role of leader is vital for the survival and progress of an organization.You can view samples of our professional work here.Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays.


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