Thesis Of English Literature

Thesis Of English Literature-55
Any attempt at plagiarizing will disqualify the thesis and will lead to its non-acceptance. The Role of Phonetico-Morphological Patterns of Selected Acronyms 3. Indefinite Specific Subjects in English Texts Note: Second-year students are encouraged to come up with their own proposals for their Bc.

The main body of the thesis should be a critical analysis and therefore, a retelling of the plot of the novel or play should be given only if relevant to the interpretation under question.

Direct quotes from the English original and Czech translations should constitute less than 20 per cent of the text.

Students are strongly encouraged to come up with their own ideas for the thesis’ topic.

This thesis should have a minimum of 40 standard pages (72 000 symbols), including the title page, table of contents, key words, abstract, introduction, conclusion, footnotes/endnotes, reference to primary and secondary sources, a Czech summary, etc.

It should embody original research carried out by the author (with reasonable guidance provided by the supervisor) and should be based on careful scrutiny of authentic data.


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