Thesis For Engineering Management

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Each team (or individual) will prepare a written report of their proposed project and a plan for its successful completion.

The proposal should include an objective, a detailed description of the proposed project, a plan and schedule for its completion, issues to confront (impediments, obstacles, etc.), and a draft outline and table of contents of the final project report.

Another avenue for the Master’s project is to carry out an investigation of a technology or methodology in which you have a strong interest.

The focus for your project can be based on material from Deterministic Methods in Operations Research, Decision Making under Uncertainty, Models for Supply Chain Management, and/or Advanced Quality Management and Engineering.

You can also incorporate material from the College of Business courses and this is encouraged.

Note: If you enter the OEM/MBA Concurrent Degree program, you have the option of postponing your Master’s project by one year.

Each team or individual will make a brief overview presentation (via Power Point) of their proposed project before the entire class.

This will take place during the January class meeting.


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