The Pearl Essay

In an ancient clam, Kino stumbles upon the largest pearl anyone in La Paz had ever seen.Dubbed “the Pearl of the World” everyone suddenly became interested in Kino and his family.

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Juana knew the pearl was evil and begged Kino to get rid of it.

He refused and assured her that with the pearl sold, the family will flourish.

Moreover, fear that when they were caught, the pearl would be lost, partly prompted Kino to kill the search posse.

Another theme that can be taken away from this story is that family is the greatest pearl of all.

When the search posse thinks they hear a coyote, the unthinkable takes place.

Having lost everything, a defeated Kino returns to La Paz and sends his pearl back to the sea.

Greed made Kino suspect everyone of intent to steal his prize.

This may have been the reason he resorted to murder instead of just disabling his attacker.

Set in La Paz, Mexico, Kino is content with his small family and house made of brush.

However, when his only son Coyotito is stung by a scorpion, Kino sets out to find a pearl grand enough to pay the doctor who has refused to help.


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