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Every finish is a fresh start, and the life of an individual is developed in a circles where home is the center of it.Millions of people found their inspiration in the Alchemist.

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How does Santiago’s spiritual journey parallel the alchemist’s practice of transforming metal into gold?

What are the weaknesses that Santiago sees in his flock of sheep, and how do they relate to the weaknesses of human beings who fail to pursue their Personal Legends?

Actually, the whole story reflects the interaction and understanding of these two lessons.

Santiago follows the dream and listens to signals of his heart. Though it appeared to be crooked and hard, he walked it till then end and finally achieved the goal he was made for.

In the end of the fable the main character surprisingly discovers that the treasures he was looking for the whole book can be found under the tree he saw his dreams in Spain.

This episode reveals the third lesson Coelho teaches the readers and it consists of two parts.

In Paulo Coelho’s novel The Alchemist, a young shepherd boy named Santiago, decides to follow his dreams of finding treasure at the pyramids in Egypt.

Santiago is faced with many obstacles that test his ability to follow his personal legend.

He informs people about this issue and this saves a lot of lives.

The answer Santiago got from the heart could have been neglected but in this case the main character made a right choice.


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