Telling The Truth Essay

This behavior encourages others to reciprocate, deepening friendships and relationships. Being truthful with other people means we are also being truthful with ourselves.

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In our day to day lives it’s very difficult to be honest 100% of the time.

Every day, we are presented with situations where we have the choice to either tell the truth or to lie, but consistently telling the truth is not an easy path to take.

District of Columbia employees were accused of fabricating companies to siphon taxpayer money. Sometimes, of course, dishonesty is the best policy.

Lying, for all the bad it might cause, is an indispensable part of keeping our day-to-day lives running smoothly.“Everybody lies -- every day; every hour; awake; asleep; in his dreams; in his joy; in his mourning,” Mark Twain wrote in his 1882 essay “On the Decay of the Art of Lying.”Much of the time we don’t even know it.

Right now, someone somewhere is lying about “having plans tonight.” Someone else is discovering that his or her spouse has methodically concealed an affair.

And take a look at the news of the last couple of weeks: Barry Bonds was charged with perjury.But that person will do considerably better if taught to detect micro-expressions, which are suppressed (or repressed) emotions that briefly flash across someone’s face.The truth is often tucked discreetly under a quilt of cheerful lies.“Don’t trust your impressions,” Ekman says of trying to detect concealed emotions. Judging by demeanor is very difficult to do.”One of the easiest ways to see beyond impressions is to learn to catch these micro-expressions, he says.Saying nothing at all, telling a ‘white lie’ or telling a big lie may often seem the best option, but the benefits of telling the truth far outweigh any short term advantages of lying.So what are the advantages of always being honest with people?Being honest can bring you better quality friends and acquaintances.We are liars and lie catchers, and the sport runs from the banal to the breathtaking, from personal to public.“You can go into a chat room and be anyone you want and make up a whole identity for yourself.”So the way we catch and perpetrate lies has changed in the last 50 years, but the consequences have not.“A big cost of lying is people won’t be able to trust you again,” says Ekman.Everyone knows what it takes to lie, but “nobody knows the ability it takes to reestablish trust.Lying is a necessary, near-involuntary practice that keeps the fabric of society from unraveling. ” a co-worker asks.“Fine, thanks,” you say, when in truth you’re not fine.Life is a hellish morass, and this person is getting in the way of your dutiful self-pity.


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