Technology Makes Life Easy Essay

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There are critics that No one could figure out a way to cook unless it was on a barbeque, and most only knew how to cook meat on it.Or how about transportation, originally there was only walking and horseback now we have horsepower in our cars.Daily and new advancements in cell phones are proof that technological advancement is never going to stop.

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These are only a few of the numerous ways technology and less stress go hand in hand, without which we would still be beating on our chests and living in caves.

Our technology and the strive to further that technology are what helps our lives become better and more sophisticated.

In front of trendy gadgets like i Phones and tablets along with the blessing of touch screens, navigation maps, Wi-Fi, voice command and recognition system and other millions of useful apps make cellular phones look of no use except making calls and messages.

Another use of smartphones over cellular phones is that it does not let you feel the need of laptops or computers for some information or news; they have easy access to the internet on which you can get relevant material anytime anywhere.

But to today’s generation, these technologies seem common because so much time has passed since World wars and public have been introduced to more advancements already.

On the other hand, there has occurred some advancement in modern technology that has changed human’s life in a better way.

It is all due to smartphones today that you can have access to or can send anything across with only a finger’s touch.

In the past decade, technology has easily become successful in finding its place in our homes.

For instance, modern technology, around the world, is helping people in discovering their hidden talents.

People are doing business on smartphones by creating apps and on the internet by creating blogs and sites.


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