Technical Problem Solving

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That said, any service-based role will require you to solve problems of a different kind on a daily basis.

No matter the sector, industry, or job function, challenges and problems that you need to solve will occur regularly, and will often be the measure of your success in the role.

If problem-solving is an integral part of the position, employers may even ask you to take psychometric tests to measure your skills.

These tests focus on your ability to logically and rationally think through numerical, spatial, or linguistic problems.

Problem solving is a test of your aptitude for assessing situations and analysing information.

No manager wants to hire someone who can’t think for themselves and comes running every time something goes wrong.Employers assume that how you have handled problems in the past is a good indicator of how you will solve them in the future as their employee.The most important point to focus on is how you solved the problem, and in order to do this it can be a good idea to consider the STAR method: S – Situation T – Task A – Action R – Result Using this sequence will give enough context so that your interviewer can understand the situation, while not overloading them with irrelevant information.They also want people who persevere despite difficulties and keep working hard to secure a positive result.The problem solver will always: Employers expect you to demonstrate that you have solved problems in the past, so if you’re applying for a job which specifies you need problem-solving skills it’s a good idea to highlight your previous experience in your CV and cover letter, and to arrive at the interview prepared to present yourself as a problem solver.There are many different methods and tools which elaborate the process of problem-solving, helping us learn from past successes (and failures).For a start, try to be more aware of what problem-solving entails, and when you’re doing it.Problem solving is valued highly in our economy, and is something evaluated for in school, university and the workplace.Employers hope that every new recruit brings a fresh perspective to old ‘problems’, or challenges, that their business faces.When a problem or challenge is proving difficult, re-phrasing can be a good way to open things up.Re-phrasing the question helps you to focus on generating solutions rather than feeling blocked by the obstacle in your way.


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