Teaching English As A Foreign Language Essay

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A thorough foreign language course offers more to a student than just noun and verb memorization exercises.

A successful course teaches a student about the culture of the country where the language is spoken.

The creative thinking skills of students are sharpened when they learn a second language.

A student in a foreign language class is seeing and hearing a lot of unfamiliar words.

Second year students from the School of Modern Languages and Cultures, particularly those who are undertaking a year abroad and plan to do overseas assistantships, or related work placements can take this 20 credit, full year module.

Teaching English As A Foreign Language Essay

This module introduces some key principles and practical techniques in the teaching of English as a Foreign Language.Consequently, he or she must use creative thinking skills to put together sentences using unfamiliar vocabulary words.Foreign language students also improve their thinking skills by comparing the words they are learning with words of their native language.Whether it be a young student or an adult, anyone can learn a second language.Undoubtedly, once the person has learned a second language he or she will uncover more and more benefits of possessing that skill.It's been shown that knowing a second language can open opportunities in the workplace.Learning a second language takes patience and persistence.An individual who wants to move to a higher position in a company may consider taking a class to learn a second language as it is seen as a valuable asset, depending on the company.Knowledge of a second language is a valuable skill to list on a resume in almost any line of work.After all, listening to a flow of unfamiliar sounds and words can be very daunting for a student.Most second language courses start with simple vocabulary and move on to more challenging material in a gradual way.


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