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Anyone who holds an MFA in Creative Writing from an accredited institution may apply for the Certificate program.

Although the Certificate is not a formal teaching “credential,” we believe that it is very useful to the following groups: The Post-Graduate Certificate in the Teaching of Creative Writing is a one-semester program completed in three stages: The entering Certificate Student must attend a 10-day residency on the Antioch University Los Angeles campus during which he or she completes the following requirements: *Some requirements of the Pre-Project Period Residency are waived for students who have already completed requirements at previous AULA Residencies.

In a world of global capitalism, I would argue, the desire to write well is to be celebrated, and creative writing must remain a college subject because, like philosophy and history (and similarly unremunerative studies), it is neither taught nor learned without pedagogical effort.

People read a great deal, but they do not read skillfully written and edited text as a part of daily life.

In the 18th century, education was not widespread, but all the educated in the Western world wrote.

People “naturally” learned to write by reading, though it was universally assumed that the more specialized arts—music, painting, sculpture—required apprenticeships and conservatories.Women of means, locked out of the profession of writing altogether, wrote diaries and letters often and at length—luckily, since much of our sense of daily life is now retrieved from such of their manuscripts as have survived. One is to get its students ready for life in the “real” world.The other is to keep, in a cool dry place, the knowledge and wisdom that the real world isn’t buying at the moment.In the face of this, it amazed me, as a young teacher, to find that my (by and large poorly read) students were passionate about writing fiction. Was this a lazy alternative to academia, or were we in fact the monks of the new dark ages, keeping the culture alive? ” by Bryan Caplan, and “The Desirability of Storytellers” by Ed Yong.Caplan, a professor of economics, argues that college graduates earn more than non-college-educated people mainly because of the “signaling” of preexisting traits, not anything they’ve learned; a student who completes a Ph D in philosophy, for example, has shown herself to be “brilliant, diligent, and willing to tolerate serious boredom,” all eminently employable traits.AULA MFA’s who have not completed all of the above requirements should consult the MFA Program Chair.During the semester-long Project Period, Certificate students perform the following off-campus activities: The details of 1-4 are negotiated with each student’s mentor and listed in the Project Period Contract.My novels were at that point being published by Little, Brown in America, and my editor was friends with an editor in its textbook division who was headed to Tallahassee for a sales talk.My editor told Chris Christensen to take me out to lunch, which he did, and over shrimp and hush puppies I described my dilemma and my solution. ” By the end of the meal he said, “Let’s try it”—which was all the contract I had when, the following year, as I guest-taught at the Iowa Writer’s Workshop, I put together the first draft of a college textbook at first called * There has of late been a good deal of pushback against the explosion of creative writing as a college subject.Now that the burgeoning of creative writing programs was well established in America, I asked, did he think there might be a market for a college text in fiction writing? The negative view has appeared in print, in both literary and glossy magazines and some full books, such as Mark Mc Gurl’s , edited by Chad Harbach.It comes from academics who think creative writing undeserving of university credit, from writers who disdain academia, from celebrity authors who count fame as the only true success, and from self-styled outliers who disdain the notion of a “degree” as inimical to the calling.


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