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Those two lines of code in Java would look like this: Class methods are like static methods in Java. A message is a method signature with the parameters. Messages are enclosed by brackets, with the object receiving the message on the left side and the message (along with any parameters required by the message) on the right.

While there is a Garbage Collector that you can use for OS X application, for i OS you must manage your memory manually.

A protocol declares methods that can be implemented by a class.

They simply define an interface that other objects are responsible for implementing.

Fortunately, Objective-C provides a mechanism that automates the creation of accessor methods.

These are called synthesized accessor methods and are implemented through the use of the @property and @synthesize directives.

This will also help you with the memory management, which will talk about later.

so that synthesized accessors provide robust access to properties in a multithreaded environment (Remember, Objective-C is used also for Mac OS X development).

When a class implements methods of a protocol we say that the class conforms to that protocol. The Objective-C protocols are something similar to Java interfaces.

In fact, it’s said that Java interfaces where inspired by protocols.


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