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Courses cover topics such as the role of law in society; the dynamics of politics in the United States, Latin America, Africa, Russia, the Middle East, and Europe; the intersection of music and politics; the role of global migration in politics around the world; the causes and consequences of ethnic and religious conflict; the effect of race, gender, and class on our perceptions of the world.

Most politics classes are small and discussion-based.

After all, most high school students do not become eligible to vote until the end of 11th grade or while they’re in 12th grade.

Furthermore, some high schools do not require their students to take a government or politics class until their last few semesters in high school.

Simply put, there is little foundation for political involvement as a high school student.

Nevertheless, the benefits of political involvement as a high school student should not be ignored.These programs involve not only politics majors but students from many different disciplines and programs.This kind of interdisciplinary experience is part of what makes our classes exciting and challenging.Students were also given the choice of devising their own questions to explore the wider implications of the Asia-Pacific region in global politics.These essays critically analyse, guided by a range of suggested questions, the interaction of religion and politics in a case study chosen by the student.Politics doesn't happen only in the United States, and it doesn't happen only within countries. Our curriculum reflects this fact, with a commitment that is reflected in our requirement that majors gain a basic proficiency in a foreign language.Our courses on the United States also incorporate a global focus.Especially if you intend on majoring in Political Science, Public Policy, or any government-related field, getting involved in politics as a high school student could help you stand out on your college applications by demonstrating your passion, awareness of political and social issues, and focus on your prospective career path.Furthermore, you may find that political involvement as a high school student can act as a stepping stone for further political involvement in college and as a career.This can take the form of getting involved with a political group on campus, joining political campaigns as a volunteer, or even working as a politician in the future.Despite the myriad benefits of getting involved in politics as a high schooler, it is important to be cautious when mentioning politics on your college applications, especially given modern America’s heightened political polarization.


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