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They also have to indicate whether they have been subject to disciplinary action at their secondary institution and/or have a misdemeanor or felony.I know the admissions process is often mysterious and daunting, even without requiring supplemental information such as personal essays and recommendation forms, especially for underrepresented students.

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Requiring criminal history information adds to the fear some applicants have about how they will be viewed during the decision review process.

I have spoken with students and parents who are concerned with how disciplinary and/or criminal disclosure information is used in the admissions process, and whether it is necessary, especially if the person has already paid their so-called dues to society.

They used to say, if you spare the rod you will spoil the child. Schools are nursing places for various virtues and values. They observe discipline by acceptance not by force. Self-discipline or discipline by acceptance is self-control.

Discipline in the classroom, on the playground and elsewhere in the school is all important. Teachers are to be first disciplined, so one, who cannot control oneself, cannot control others. Some argue that discipline limits freedom and that also kills the man’s initiative. One controls his emotions and desires and gives room to listen to other’s points of views. If they are allowed free play without discipline, it will end in chaos.

I was provided with a latest modeled computer at home with internet connection.

The Center for Community Alternatives’ report on the use of prospective students’ high school disciplinary behavior records in the college admissions review process exposes the wild, wild west that exists with high schools and their disciplinary policies.

Perhaps that is one of the reasons how they keep shaping me up to excel continually, both at school and at home. Whenever I did anything wrong, they pointed out my mistakes and corrected me. It read that a school boy in America brought a genuine lire arm to the school and shot six of his fellow students just for the heck of it!

And twice a month my father took me to the swimming pool and taught me to swim too. Many parents abandon their work at home and sit watching the soap serials regularly for hours together.

Second, while some disciplinary disclosures are now required for campus life purposes (and therefore not necessarily used as a factor in admission decisions), there are institutions where the admission process and the enrollment/matriculation process are one and the same.

So banning any consideration of disciplinary information in admission presents a procedural obstacle to fulfilling requirements many campuses must meet under state laws and universitywide policies.


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