Strengths And Weaknesses In Writing Papers

Strengths And Weaknesses In Writing Papers-13
In the conclusion, you can decide that one side of the argument you presented is more valid and state your reasons for this decision.

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One of my favorite college professors, a Virginia Woolf scholar which only made her even cooler in my mind, wrote on one of my papers that “the reader feels like she’s in good hands.” I didn’t really get it at the time, but I knew it was a good thing and I’ve never forgotten it.

I always want my readers to feel that, and so that’s what I try to achieve.

I have a true passion for expression through words, and this enables me to write better, to *want* to write better every single day.

I want to make people think, feel, or otherwise react to what I write, and it fills my heart with joy whenever I succeed.

Relate the strengths and weaknesses outlined above to other texts and theoretical arguments, which can yield further insights to your chosen topic.

Identify areas in both schools of thought that are important or controversial, and those that might invite further investigation.Maureen Cutajar started her writing career in 2009.An information-technology project manager, she shares her knowledge in computing and business management.Provide an overview of the associated theoretical arguments that back up your claims.Explain these strengths and the opportunities available because of these strengths.Formulate your own opinion backed up with the information presented in your essay.Explore and evaluate both sides of the argument outlining how your chosen subject matter can prove to be a strength and when it can result in a weakness.When I put it that way, it almost makes sense that writers take a turn through law school, doesn’t it?Well, that’s because I’m conveniently leaving out the rest, but I do think it helped me to organize my thoughts and present them in a way that makes sense — crucial for any writer.In reality, I learned to deeply analyze issues from every angle, look for holes at every turn, and then exploit tiny cracks in logic and make them seem like huge gaps.I also learned to present arguments one baby step at a time, spelling out for the reader exactly what you want him to know when you want him to know it.


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