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This is also a good chance to mention a hardship or difficulty you faced.Don’t outright mention that you endured hardship, but do explain a circumstance that took a significant commitment during your summers.Refusing to let up, I planned on teaching myself some of the content before the next year started. As the author explained VSEPR theory, I was amazed at how the simple geometric shapes I’d been learning since elementary school could explain the repulsion between electron clouds.

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Whatever you choose, make sure you choose an activity that has had an impact on your growth and personal development.

Even better, select an activity that resonates with the narrative of your application: I’m assembling a packet for a new baby when a woman in labor is pushed in on a wheelchair. All the delivery rooms are occupied.“We have to put her in the triage room,” she announces to the doctor.

Try to think of a hobby or interest you have that not many others share, or that reveals a lot of information about your unique personality.

It doesn’t have to be anything super impressive, it just needs to help admissions officers get to know you. I’d learn how to change a tire, clear a clogged shower drain, and create a budget.

Your choice here should reinforce and add to your college application narrative.

The Group-Individual-Group Learning Method implemented in the Stanford Department of Chemistry largely appeals to me.While I run to get the door for a visitor, another nurse hurriedly hands me a lab sample to deliver as she rushes to her next patient.Smiling, I walk down the hall with plastic bag in hand.I am also interested in the case-based learning approach, as it cultivates meaningful and memorable understanding of concepts.High-level engagement in the classroom is something I am looking forward to at Stanford.This can include: I served free, healthy lunches to kids at the library and saved their parents a little money.Additionally, I helped mom with a business law class for a job she’s pursuing.The Internet, and especially social media, makes it easier than ever to absorb a set of beliefs without encountering criticism.If citizens left their bubbles more often, eliminating discrimination and prejudice would be a much easier proposition.Over the next few weeks, I was bombarded with warnings from wary upperclassmen about what was supposedly the hardest class in school.The teacher even had a meeting to scare the freshmen away.


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