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If she has done a good job leading you, this should not be a problem.Teachers often do not want to overwork their adult students, especially because these students usually have full-time jobs, families, and a social life.Though more difficult, it is always best if you could schedule your homework and “Spanish time” for the same time every day.

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, I have my own thoughts on homework: it fulfills a purpose, so definitely do it.

However, rather than tell you that homework is of the utmost importance, I will explain the role and the various types of homework, as well as better ways for you to approach your homework.

The best way to approach your homework is through consistency.

Twenty to thirty minutes every day is much more effective than five hours in one.

Unless your homework involves interviewing someone or conversing with a native speaker, you won’t be doing communicative exercises, but you can do plenty of work that will fully prepare you to come to class ready and confident enough to chat away. On the other hand, no because you might feel like you are not being challenged.

It depends on the student, but generally a teacher should give you homework that is challenging, but not so difficult that you feel discouraged.Your classmate and you probably just stared at each other wondering, “What is going on?” What happened was your teacher skipped two obvious steps.Mechanical exercises, such as repetition drills, are great for helping you memorize new vocab and grammar.However, these don’t allow you to use the vocabulary in context.Following these steps will make the transition to communicative much easier.You’ll also make less mistakes and build your confidence in order to speak if you do mechanical and associative exercises before you move on to communicative.If you feel your Spanish is not improving, the first thing you have to ask yourself is whether you are doing your homework. Believe it or not, there is a right and wrong way to do your homework.Are you doing everything right before you meet your teacher? Are your doing your homework because you have to or because you want to improve?How to do that is something you have to review with your teacher as well, but it could include readings, television, music, chatting with friends or finding an online pal to help you out.Perhaps you are surrounded by Spanish at work and can use your skills on a colleague.


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