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If you are submitting a graduate thesis or dissertation to Boston College, see our e [email protected] website for instructions and support.If you would like to submit an undergraduate honors thesis, see our Undergraduate Theses Submission guidelines.BC dissertations and theses from 1996 on can be found in this database.

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Though there are outliers and exceptions, the following table shows likely availability, including format, location, and years.

Embargoes: The author may have requested an embargo, delaying the online availability of the dissertation or thesis.

Both graduate and undergraduate students have the option to provide free access to the full text of a thesis or dissertation through e [email protected], though it is not required.

BC dissertations and theses from 2008 on can be found in e [email protected]

Students with a GPA of 3.4 in major and 3.3 overall, at the beginning of their senior year, qualify for the Senior Honors Thesis (ENVS 49).

To do an honors thesis students provide a course contract and a thesis proposal (1-3 pages) to the Environmental Studies Associate Director, Tara Pisani Gareau, between the end of your junior year and the drop-add date in the fall semester.Students can also write a senior thesis under the Arts and Sciences Honors and Scholar of the College programs.The timeline for completing a senior thesis varies among students and depends on the nature of the research, opportunities to conduct the research, and expectations of the thesis advisor.Honors will be awarded upon successful completion of a thesis based on the proposed research project as evaluated by the faculty thesis adviser, approval of the thesis.and the candidate’s academic record by the Environmental Studies faculty committee.If a dissertation is embargoed in Pro Quest and/or e [email protected], you will be able to see the author, title, and abstract, but not the full text.Embargoes are typically requested when a dissertation is being submitted to a publisher that proscribes prior publication; a patent application is going to be filed; there is a need to protect proprietary information; or there is a need to respect confidentiality.Ideally the process begins in the student's junior year. Her dissertation focuses on the integration strategies of high skilled, non-white, and Muslim immigrants especially Pakistani migrants in the US.In the spring of senior year the completed honors thesis, signed by the faculty research adviser, is due to the Environmental Studies faculty committee by April 20.Theses that meet these requirements would normally meet the Program Honors requirements.


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