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The G will be changed to your actual grade when your paper has been reviewed. You choose one that relates to the material discussed in your class.

The G will be changed to your actual grade when your paper has been reviewed. You choose one that relates to the material discussed in your class.

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Writing research papers toward your requirement Guidelines: Please plan ahead if you anticipate submitting papers--they MUST be turned in by the deadline if you wish to receive a grade for the term.

Do not wait until the last minute to submit papers.

The deadline is one week before the last day of the class.

If you submit a paper after this date, you will receive a G grade (incomplete).

Because of the volume of papers and other related tasks, the deadlines noted on this page must be strictly observed.

List of Papers Biology and Human Behavior Bouchard, T., Lykken, D., Mc Gue, M., Segal, N., & Tellegen, A. Sources of human psychological differences: The Minnesota study of twins reared apart.Don’t trust everything you read in the psychology literature.In fact, two thirds of it should probably be distrusted.Some articles have electronic versions linked directly from this page.NOTE: you must read the actual article listed here--not just a summary of it. Be sure that you include clearly labeled and numbered sections of the paper (in this order): (1) Your full name (2) Your instructor's full name (3) The semester and year you took/are taking the class (4) Summary of article (minimum 200 words) (5) Word count for section 4 (6) Relationship of article to your class NOT to the textbook (minimum 200 words) (7) Word count for section 6 (8) Citation of the article, which may be copied from this website.Another method assessed whether a statistically significant effect could be found, and produced an even bleaker result.Whereas 97% of the original studies found a significant effect, only 36% of replication studies found significant results.Note that I prefer that things be in your own words than that they be perfectly accurate. --Section 4 and section 6 of the paper must each be use your Pitt email address to sign up for this account. Submit it under the SAME assignment, not a revision assignment. Note that if the citation appears to be plagiarized, that is not going to count against you. Credit will be awarded on Sona for all papers submitted by the deadline posted above.This will allow the score to be linked to you in Sona. Use Paper 1 for the first paper and Paper 2 for the second paper, and so on. Note that there are hundreds of papers submitted every semester, so please be patient in waiting for a score.Failure to plan ahead to add an account to Turnitin or a failure to upload the paper at the last minute due to an error on Turnitin will not change the deadline.It is your responsibility to plan well in advance of the deadline.


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