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A strategic business plan is a written document that pairs the objectives of a company with the needs of the market place.Although a strategic business plan contains similar elements of a traditional plan, a strategic plan takes planning a step further by not only defining company goals but utilizing those goals to take advantage of available business opportunities.

However, according to the Small Business Administration, a strategic business plan can benefit companies of all sizes and can be a great advantage to small businesses.

Small businesses may utilize the document to develop the strategies necessary to attract and retain the customers it needs to succeed.

Writing a strategic business plan has many advantages.

The plan can serve as an outline for successful completion of company milestones.

Write down your conclusions and share them with your organization. CMOE was created in 1978 for the purpose of helping individuals and teams maximize their effectiveness and create strategic competitiveness.

Finally, issue a call to work on strategic action each day to compliment the routine tactical work that has to be done to pay the bills and meet current obligations. Steve’s special interests lie in helping leaders and organizations transform into high-performance cultures that are focused on long-term, sustained growth.

Company owners are in a better position to not only understand their business but become experts in their industries.

A strategic plan helps executives understand the direction in which their company is headed by reviewing past progress and making changes to improve and grow.

The most important strategic thing a small organization can do is prepare to do battle with the future, which entails five steps.

Again, let us emphasize that for practical purposes you don’t need to create a doctoral dissertation when implementing strategy.


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