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The Red Spongy Marrow is the part of the bone that produces the red blood cells, the red blood cells are pumped around the heart and provide nutrients and oxygen to the rest of the body. Long Bones (longer than they are wide): clavicle, humerus, radius, ulna, femur, tibia, fibula, metatarsals, metacarpals.

Cartilage, together with fluid, allows bones to rub against each other smoothly and not wear out. Next, tougher tissue will start to grow over the broken area called collagen.

The collagen, together with cartilage, will bridge the gap between the two sides of the break.

This bridge will continue to transform and harden until the bone is healed.

It can often take months for bones to heal back to normal.

Furthermore, the skeleton can be bifurcated into two parts: axial and the appendicular.

As per biological terms, the axial skeleton includes the skull’s central core, spine, and ribs, whereas the appendicular comprises of arms and legs.Football is played with 18 players on the ground at one time with a maximum of five players sitting on the bench for each team.The objective of the game is for the players to pass the ball around by hand and foot to kick a goal, the ball can be marked when it has traveled fifteen metres or more by foot and is marked with out it touching the ground by a player, this player then has time to go back and have his kick. Conclusion Babies are born with 270 soft bones which is 64 more than an adult has but many of these bones will mould together by the age of twenty or twenty-five into 206 hard, permanent bones.This bone is lighter allowing for the bone itself to be lighter and easier for us to move around.It also allows room for blood vessels and makes our bones slightly bendable. At the center of bones is a softer substance called marrow.By the time we are adults about half of our bones have red marrow.Joints Our bones come together and connect at special places called joints. Many joints have a large range of movement and are called ball and socket joints. Joints have a smooth, durable material called cartilage. Of course, a doctor will help it along, making sure that the bone heals straight and properly using a cast or sling. When it first breaks there will be blood around it and it will form a sort of scab over the broken portions.The Skeletal System is used in the game of Australian Rules Football all the time because we it is needed to run and stop quickly, we need to be able to stay on our feet when coming down from a marking contest or from punching the ball.The bones also keep everything in place and give us the ability to be able to take a hard hit to the stomach or a knee to the ribs and to be able to hold our arm firm to handball the ball.Hence, in this article, you’ll primarily gain information about the overall skeletal system and the functions it offers. Moreover, the effectiveness of the skeletal system is to provide support and offer our body a proper shape.Above all, it works to deliver protection to different systems and organs present in the body.


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