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They will help you organize your ideas and develop the first draft of a document.Read this article to learn what is an outline for a research paper.Weconclude that with the rapid advances of VLSI technology anything is possible and that the worth of a research paper is directly proportional to the number of processors in the system being proposed.

Experimental results were obtained by asking 80 students to apply the procedure in producing their term papers for ECE 252B over a period of four years.

Some 75% of these students earned grades of A The rapid advances of VLSI and the trend toward the decrease of the geometrical feature size, through the submicron and the subnano to the subpico, and beyond, have dramatically reduced the cost of VLSI circuitry.

Hence, the application of an exponential number of processors does not cause any cost increase, and the application of only a polynomial number of processors leads to substantial cost savings.

A system having an exponential number of processors will be able to solve many NP-complete problems in polynomial time.

Emphasize the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed approach, technique, or design.

Discuss possible extensions of the work and any interesting/open problem that you can envisage.

A blank page won’t turn itself into a business research paper. And this something better be a rigorous analysis and well-wrought ideas presented in an easy to follow manner.

Otherwise, you might disappoint your professor, and they might disappoint you.

Like the INTRODUCTION, this section must be fairly short.

Provide complete bibliographic information for each reference (see any paper in IEEE Trans. As a rule of thumb, citing 5-20 references is reasonable; review or survey-type papers tend to have much more extensive bibliographies and original contributions breaking new ground may have fewer references. If possible, include each figure or table close to where it is first referenced in the text.


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