Short Essay On Raja Ram Mohan Roy

Short Essay On Raja Ram Mohan Roy-13
In his newspapers, treatises, and books, Roy tirelessly criticized what he saw as the idolatry and superstition of traditional Hinduism.He denounced the caste system and attacked the custom of suttee (ritual burning of widows upon the funeral pyres of their deceased husbands).

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Little is known of his early life and education, but he seems to have developed unorthodox religious ideas at an early age.

As a youth, he traveled widely outside Bengal and mastered several languages—Sanskrit, Persian, Arabic, and English, in addition to his native Bengali and Hindi.

The Brahmo Samaj was set up to fight against the social and religious evils in society prevalent during that time.

In 1831 Ram Mohan Roy traveled to the United Kingdom as an ambassador of the Mughal empire.

The Brahmo Samaj was to play an important part, later in the century, as a Hindu movement of reform.

In 1829 Roy journeyed to England as the unofficial representative of the titular king of Delhi.

Roy also led a protest against the outmoded British legal and revenue administration in India.

Brahmo Samaj (Society of Brahma), a Hindu reformist sect that utilized Unitarian and other liberal Christian elements in its beliefs.

When the Bengal government proposed a more traditional Sanskrit college, in 1823, Roy protested that classical Indian literature would not prepare the youth of Bengal for the demands of modern life.

He proposed instead a modern Western curriculum of study.


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