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Tabla in our catalogue As stated earlier, the tabla seems to have been in the beginning an instrument which suited the lighter variety of music and hence was very popular with the common people.

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These braces are tied to another ring at the bottom of the instrument.

There are sixteen holes or ghar to which the braces are tied at equal distance, giving the instrument an equal tension at all the points.

Gajra is made by joining four or five leather braces made of goat or cow skin.

Gajra is fixed to the mouth of the drum by means of leather braces called baddhi, made of buffalo skin.

It is made either of clay or metal such as copper, bronze or even a thin iron sheet.

The right hand drum or dayan is made of seesam, khair, neem or mango wood, but preference is given to seesam wood.Beneath each pair of leather bracing, a small tuning block of wood (gatta) is kept. By moving them up or down, the braces are tensed or loosened, thus varying the tension of the pudi, and the instrument can be tuned to the desired pitch.The most important and significant part of the parchment is the black paste called 'syahi', about seven centimetres in diameter; it is affixed centrally on dayan and eccentrically on bayan.The standard size of the right drum is of ten-and-a-half inches height, the diameter at the bottom being about seven inches to eight-and-a-quarter inches and the upper playing surface varies between five to five-and-a-half inches.The left drum called bayan, is almost of the same height, around ten inches high, but the playing surface is about ten inches and the bottom is about two-and-a-half to three inches.The tabla consists of two drums, the bayan or the left drum and the dayan or the right drum, but the collective name for both the drums is tabla.The left is a small spherical drum, which resembles the shape of the kettle drum.The principal tabla schools that emerged and flourished are: Dilli, Ajrada, Lucknow, Farrukhabad, Benaras and Punjab.Gradually, with the passage of time, the tabla acquired the rhythmic patterns and techniques of other percussion instruments such as pakhavaj, dholak, naqqara, etc., and shot to the peak of popularity in a very short span of time.Though made of metal, these kettledrums were originally derived from the pot drums of primitive men.Later they became rounded like the egg; this may have been an adaptation to facilitate carrying them on the back of a horse or a camel.


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