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That's something most people probably don't know they offer, and so it's a great topic for a case study.

The case study writing process includes several moving parts.

If you do decide to have your subjects sign a form, consult with your legal team first.

Once your client or customer has agreed to participate, you should begin to format your introductory questionnaire.

However, by streamlining your workflow from start to finish, you can ensure no steps get missed.

Research Papers On Interracial Marriage - Short Case Studies For Mba

Here are the seven steps this post will cover to get the job done.

Client Case Study #6: Reapplicant in Need of Re-tooling Because of his high GPA, GMAT and strong professional experience, “Adam” did not understand how he could improve his candidacy. Client Case Study #7: Older Full-Time MBA Applicant Having worked for 8 years and in his mid 30s, “Luka’s” candidacy would have been perceived by adcoms as more appropriate for a part-time or EMBA program.

Analyzing his prior applications and considering other elements of his candidacy — such as career goals and extracurricular activities — we determined why he was not offered admission and devised a focused strategy to strengthen his candidacy for the following year. In response, we devised a three-tiered strategy to help him develop a strong rationale for a full-time MBA program, and demonstrate his ability to contribute substantially and uniquely to the student community.

These descriptions confirm that — while most applicants have vulnerabilities — through well-planned strategies and diligently executed tactics, admission is achievable at schools that they thought were beyond their reach.

Client Case Study #1: Low GPA, No Quant Coursework “Wayne” graduated from a second-tier university with a low GPA in a qualitative major.


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