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Most word processing programs now have built in outline processors--though many computer users seem to be unaware of this option.In Microsoft Word, "Outline" mode is in the "View" menu; in Word Perfect, "Outlining" is in the "Tools" menu.I prefer to use a dedicated outline processor such as those designed by Inspiration Software.

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This is what an outline should do--allow you to order, categorize, and plan your writing. In the long run, making an outline will not only save you substantial time, but it can sometimes even save you money.But a good one- to two-page outline that consists of brief, pithy phrases can be readily perused by the average reader. When you are confident that you have covered all the necessary topics and they are in optimal order, write from the card pack.If you are not a computer user and you prefer to work on a vertical surface, modern technology now offers an alternative: Find an empty room and use 3M Post-it Notes in place of index cards. Use the word processor to type the outline and then convert the outline to prose when you are completely satisfied with the content and the logical flow.More importantly, making an outline will help you avoid the agony of working your way through a large number of drafts and will help you end up with a better, more logically structured end-product in a less painful manner.Most people are not capable of seeing the structure of a 12-page document at a glance. The traditional way is to use index cards--you put one topic or subtopic on each index card, color-code the corners according to general subject matter, and rearrange the cards until everything is in good logical order.Although you must present the final document in the order dictated by the funding agency or the journal, it is not necessary that you work on the parts of the outline in that order.For example, in a grant application which requires an Abstract, Specific Aims, Background, Progress Report--or Preliminary Studies in the case of an initial application--Research Design and Methods, and Literature Cited, it would be wise to outline the sections in the following order: Progress Report/Preliminary Studies, Specific Aims, Research Design and Methods, Background, and Literature Cited. Before you turn the outline to prose, check that all sections of the proposal parallel each other in form and content.But in social sciences, when we think of a sum of 4, should we consider 3 1 to be the same as 2 2?Writing in sociology for research requires many well thought out methods detailed in your sociology research paper outline.It's like picking ripe fruit off a tree: You can start with level three.Likewise, if you are writing a research paper, start to make your outline using the instructions of the journal for the format/headings the journal requires; e.g., Summary, Introduction/Background, Methods, Discussion, References.


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