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Sam Learning offers tasks that are multiple choice, clozed activities that can help with progress of less able pupils.

This did not fit with the expected results and made me reflect on whether or not the claims that completing online learning tasks ‘boosted grades by up to 30 percent’ were either gender specific or possibly even subject specific and perhaps English was not a subject that had benefitted from these results. Evaluate any impact on class work and mock exam results All of the learning tasks set were focused on AQA English Paper 1 and it was hoped that the completion of online learning tasks would support progress and be evidenced in mock examination results. A comparison of time spent on SAM learning task in relation to ranked position in a mock exam and student base level data.You can inspect domain models, change values, and save to the database.Starting the script without arguments will launch it in the development environment. You would be connected to the database with the credentials defined in Pupil 4 has spent a significant amount of time completing homework and achieved 4.I can understand that if you are starting at a point of 0% completion of homework then there may be more significant improvements but my experience had been that it was difficult to gender stereotype as it really depended on the pupils who completed the work, rather than their gender.The controller and view are handled by the Action Pack, which handles both layers by its two parts: Action View and Action Controller.These two layers are bundled in a single package due to their heavy interdependence.I would hope that more manageable tasks, rewards and opportunities during the school day to complete learning will boost the quality and quantity of homework completed.Also, parental support via group call will be effective in ensuring completion of homework.‘online learning boosts school’s GCSE results by over 30 per cent.Improvements were more significant for boys, suggesting that online learning is an effective tool to help engage adolescent boys with their learning.’ 1.


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