Rwandan Genocide Essay Thesis Statement

Rwandan Genocide Essay Thesis Statement-17
Another incidence was the Srebrenica massacre of over 8,000 Bosnian boys and men in the year 1995.The heinous act was rules as a genocide act based on gender by the international court of justice.

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Forces need care, food and medication that is provided by the women.

Children play a crucial role of child soldiers as they are easily manipulated and brain washed into carrying the agendas of their seniors to advance their course.

The genocides witnessed in Rwanda and Bosnia served to shift the question of genocide and gender beyond the Holocaust (Bock, 2008).

The paper aims at illustrating the relation between gender and genocide.

The mental and bodily harm of the actions she abated was also illustrated by the judge and the prosecutor.

Her case illustrated in an unprecedented fashion, the point of female perpetrators against men during genocide.Serbian forces gathered men and boys from all refugee camps in the county of Potocari (Caringella, 2009).They were held in separate locations where they could be easily controlled and managed.Some of the processes and methods employed have been classified as being gender based.The enemy often seeks to breach the best line of defense of their adversary, the active men (Caringella, 2009).Men are also subject of castration as an act that is gender based during genocide.Pauline Nyaramasuhuko, a Rwandan strong woman was charged at the International Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) on allegations of encouraging and organizing the castration of Hutu men during the Rwanda genocide.The males between 25 and 50 were considered battle aged in the Iraqi Kurdish (Carpenter, 2006).Most of them were brutally murdered before their families.It focuses on how feminine and masculine roles shape men and women as bystanders, perpetrators and victims of genocide.During wartimes, both parties actively engage in maneuvers to weaken their enemy, exhaust their artillery before beating them into submission.


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