Rubric Literature Essay

Rubric Literature Essay-12
This lesson will help you learn how to set a grading rubric for a literary essay by going through the process using an example essay topic.

This lesson will help you learn how to set a grading rubric for a literary essay by going through the process using an example essay topic.

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A conclusion should repeat the thesis and provide a short summary of the arguments.

When comparing two characters, an essay introduction should explain to the reader that the student is going to be using evidence from the books to show differences and similarities between the categories.

Most essays will use this category in their rubric, as essay structure is incredibly important regardless of topic.

Students should know that they are expected to organize their essay in a thoughtful way, including using an introduction paragraph, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

As the scale moves down, students will have included fewer similarities and differences.

Earning a 1 shows that students did minimal work in this category.2.) Text-Based Evidence The next category will set expectations for how much evidence from the text students should include.This category can be changed to represent outside research and sources, as well.Therefore, this lesson will move through each of those categories to show how to set a rubric.Our rubric will use a 1-4 graded scale for each category, with 1 being the worst and 4 being the best.This category will change shape depending on what kind of essay your students are writing.For our compare/contrast assignment, this category will set expectations for how much information students included about both characters.However, more complex essays might require outside sources, such as books or websites.Students who want to earn a 4 in this category will need to provide evidence for all of their arguments and ideas.1.) Content The first category for our rubric is going to be simply titled 'content'.This section will be used to determine how much work students did for the essay as well as how well the work was done.


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