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From the great James Cagney films such as series, gangster films have been among the most popular and successful genre films to be produced by Hollywood.

The ‘MGM musical’, for example, was a film genre that flourished during this period.

Films of that genre were characterized by extravagant dance numbers and backstage romances.

seems doomed to live the gangster life that Mike himself has chosen but from which he has striven to insulate his son.

In the aftermath of the murder of his wife and other son, the odds seem stacked against Mike and his fatherly ambitions.

For much of the film, our attention is rivetted to this peculiar chase.

Road To Perdition Essay Questions Family Traditions Essay

That Mike must die in order to keep his son from becoming a gangster himself is one of the truths that this film prepares us to accept and that mobilize themes from Greek tragedy.For Mike, as well as being a hit man, is a father with the typical aspirations of immigrant fathers: to create a better life for his son than he himself has been able to live.That a man could become a hit man out of such a conventional motive undercuts our stereotyped view of gangsters by making them out to be more like us than we might like to believe.Because of this duality, it has been possible to invest the figure of the gangster with at least some of the moral grandeur of the Greek tragic hero.It is this feature of the genre that Mendes’ film explores in new and interesting ways.Originally developed in literary studies, its use for analyzing films arose in connection with the productions of the Hollywood studio system of the 1930’s and 40’s.In order to facilitate rapid production, the studios adopted a number of basic narrative patterns for their films.While genre films always fitted a general pattern, each individual film had sufficient variation on the theme to keep the audience engaged.Along with the western, the gangster film has been one the staples of Hollywood filmmaking.One of the film’s most interesting characters is Maguire, played by Jude Law, another hit man who always takes photographs of the dead bodies of his victims.Hired by the mob to kill Mike in retribution for his thefts, Maguire trails him on his cross-country travels.


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