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It means that you should suppose what author wants to achieve with his contents, and then make your statement.For example, in the advertisement of Old Spice, it is appropriate to write that marketers want people to purchase deodorant, while methods may be different.Such tasks are often tricky because students rarely know how to start an essay that deals with such variety of material.

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Pathos is all cases where authors try to support their argument with emotions and feeling — love, fear, hatred, greed, and jealousy, to name the most popular.

Old Spice commercials are founded on pathos: the main character mimics heavily, shouts and screams, tries to engage people with emotions.

You may write that the commercial wants to persuade athletes because the main character is muscular and often appears in the locker room.

It may also want to convince women because the video shows an attractive male — and you will be correct in both cases.

It is also all facts and empirical evidence used in the text.

Logos is an only device of all scholars, so if you are lucky to analyze the academic article, it is the only tool you will need to use. Ethos is used when the author facilitates someone’s else credibility to convince people.

The problem is that Wikipedia lists more than hundred of devices, all in sophisticated Greek terms.

Years ago, I used to browse them one-by-one, trying to guess whether my assigned text includes them.

Many teachers ask about it directly, hence it is an excellent way to begin your essay.

You will write your body part of the essay about “What” part of the thesis — what rhetorical devices the author uses, how they should convince the audience and whether they are useful.


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