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Male cultures in top leadership in the media, cultural and private business sector, as well as in academia, have been exposed and met with outrage and disbelief.The President of the Norwegian parliament, the Archetypical discussions about how women can protect themselves against sexual harassment and abuse were gone.The hashtag opened up a language, recognition, and an outlet for talking about experiences that had far too often remained inarticulate to those affected as well as their surroundings.

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In an annotated bibliography with an overview of these texts (Skjelsbæk 1999), the vast majority of the articles were of a conceptual nature.

What characterized these texts was that they were hypothetical in outlook, assuming consequences of CRSV.

The hashtag, based on a campaign initiated by activist Tarana Burke more than 10 years ago, and picked up by American actor Alyssa Milano, enabled a mode and a language to articulate experiences that far too many women had kept to themselves.

Person of the Year 2017, a testament to the impact the campaign has had.

Today, documenting sexual violence crimes are integral to war documentation by NGOs, journalists, and international organizations alike.

Further, there was an increasing engagement in the social science research community to understand the mechanisms that created fertile grounds for sexual violence to be seen as an efficient and purposeful weapon of war.

Since the 1990s, there has been an insistence that SVAC has to be better understood, explained, and addressed, and while this article is not a comparison between CRSV and the creating a particular kind of epistemic community.

Further, the article will show how this community is tied to different approaches to social justice, which has different implications for the status of knowledge and policy.

They assumed that victims would be ostracized, families and communities being torn apart, perpetrators looming large, and little or no political attention to these crimes. The core argument conveyed by the authors of these texts was the conceptualization of sexual violence as a weapon of war, and that academics and policy makers alike needed to recognize this.

As we know, this was exactly the way in which scholars and policy makers talked about sexual violence in war in the years that followed.


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