Research Paper On Islamic Banking In Pakistan

Research Paper On Islamic Banking In Pakistan-39
Little research has been conducted to study this problem from the perspectives of consumers and Islamic banking employees. (2017), "An Islamic banking perspective on consumers’ perception in Pakistan", Qualitative Research in Financial Markets, Vol. Most of the research associated with Islamic banks fails to pay attention to these stakeholder groups in one study.

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The practical success of interest‐free banking and finance movement in Pakistan could not be materialized unless the state and polity of Pakistan are not convinced seriously to discover the paradigm of their personal and state institutions based on Islamic guidance and principles.

The contents of the paper woven around normative and social disciplines and therefore, it is not possible to devise any statistical model to empirically test the contribution of these socio‐economic factors in a failure of interest‐free banking and finance movement for future research and any identified limitations in the research process.

Statistical analysis shows that awareness, knowledge and religiosity level have a positive influence on the perception of consumers about Islamic financing products and services in Pakistan.

To improve the awareness and understanding, Islamic banks could make better marketing strategies and could increase their presence by mosque visits and conferences.

The findings of this paper may be useful for the policy makers, researchers, academicians, financial experts, Islamic Shariah scholars, bankers, regulators, Islamic financial institutions and those Muslim countries who wish to undertake a similar kind of experiment as was attempted in Pakistan. (2006), "Why interest‐free banking and finance movement failed in Pakistan", Humanomics, Vol.

This paper may also help the Western economist to think and debate about an alternative interest‐free economic and financial system of Islam.

Islamic Banks and Financial Stability: An Empirical Analysis of the Gulf Countries.

The Global Financial Crisis: Some Suggestions for Reform of the Global Financial Architecture in the Light of Islamic Finance.

The aim of this study is to examine the perceptions of consumers on Islamic banking and finance in Pakistan.

Islamic finance is an emerging phenomenon, and its survival depends on the availability, affordability and awareness.


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