Remilitarization Of The Rhineland Essay

The war on the Western Front was fought in Belgiunm and northern France where there was trendous destruction.

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Figure 1.--Here German troops cross the Rhine to recoccupy the Rhineland.

This 1936 photograph captures the moment when German troops crossed one of the Rhine bridges and were greeted by the jubilant population.

The right wing parties including the NAZIs made it a political issue.

They charged that the French did this to humiliate Germany.

It was the area that Louis XIV coveted and fought enless wars to make the Rhine the Frenvh border with Germany.

The Rhineland had been permanently demilitarized under the terms of the Versailles Peace Treaty ending World War I.

Germany at the time did not have the capability of wageing a major war. Many in both countries, especially pacifist spokespersons, charged that the Versailles Treaty was unfair to Germany. This was Hitler's second flagrant violation of the Versailles Treaty. Of course he had already begun the secret rearmanent program which was a violation of the Treaty and details on the rearmament program became apparent in 1936.

And there was Poland and Czechoslovakia in the east if the Allies struck in the west. Perhaps the major outcome of Hitler's gamble was the imense prestige it brought him domestically.

This was one of the restictions that Hitler railed against in his speeches.

The situation in the Rhineland was different than in Saarland.


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