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Those in the United States are legally protected from being harassed based on their beliefs.And yet this protection does not extend to all countries or all groups.

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Spirituality is a part of human life." He advocates that, "It's the job of the faith communities and the families to shape young peoples religious attitudes and values." But pastor Sonnenday feels that if a school and its student body are willing, they stand much to gain with prayer in school (positive 1).

There is so much more violence and teen pregnancy's than there were before prayer was ousted from school premises.

It is important to recognize what religious discrimination is and how to spot it when it happens in the workplace so that education can be provided to the perpetrator.

Religious discrimination is the unfair or unequal treatment of an employee or employer based on their personal beliefs.

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Former president Bill Clinton states that nothing in the first amendment converts our schools into religious-free zones or requires all religious expression to be left at the school house door (Van Biena 4).

Everyone has the first amendment right to religion and to express at school or any other place. Sonnenday, of the Immanuel Presbyterian Church, stresses that, "life is holistic.

Studies have found that Christians are actually the most-discriminated against religious group around the world where they are harassed by society and governments in one hundred and sixty eight countries.

That same study revealed that Muslims--constituting the second largest religious group behind Christians) were discriminated against for their beliefs in one hundred and twenty one countries.


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