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Fleming created a questionnaire which aimed to identify the learners preferred learning style.

This questionnaire was later updated to include the read / write style as Fleming identified that some learners visual preference is for pictures, graphs, maps etc.

Having this in mind, I considered an area free from noise and where there is no distraction which will benefit my teaching delivery.

I was lucky to find the training room vacant with the help of the nurse manager, a quiet area where my learners could become engaged within the relative safety of a restricted audience, limited to only those within a teaching/learning capacity (Spouse, 1988).

The aim of this essay is to analyse, deliver, evaluate and reflect a teaching experience in clinical placement.

So also as utilising appropriate theories to support my preferred method of teaching and how the teaching session was delivered.I ensure that l got a suitable environment for my teaching , in order to facilitate my teaching session I required somewhere where I could expose my learner to some theories.According to Spouse (1998), the environment used for learning can have influence on the learners interest to the teaching and how they develop their practical skills development.I decided to make the attendance at this teaching session optional, As motivation is an essential aspect in the effectiveness of learning (Armitage et al, 2003).My chosen topic for my teaching session was Electro- Convulsive Therapy ( ECT).Because individual learner have their systematic ways of learning, introducing different styles of teaching can be used to meet the different needs and preferences of individuals.According to Kolb ( 1984 )there are four learning styles which learners learn better diverger: this learner learns better by undergoing an experience and then reflecting upon it, Assimilator this learner prefers to observe and think, converger: this learner like to think while doing and accommodator: they learn best through action, by doing and feeling.I structure the objectives of the teaching session with consciousness to time an attention span because l learnt that the average student attention span is between twenty minutes after which learner find it difficult to concentrate on the teaching Penner (1984).According to Erickson and Strummer,(1991) recommends that special attention and time to preparation, illustration and demonstration in other to be able to respond to student confusion or questions.whereas others is for written word (Fleming, 2009).Fleming and Baume state that understanding learning styles can improve learning by matching strategies with styles (2006).


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